The Alchemy Symposiums

``The Scientific method seeks to understand things as they are, while alchemy seeks to bring about a desired state of affairs. To put it another way, the primary objective of science is truth, - that of alchemy, operational success.`` -The Alchemy of Finance

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The Alchemy Symposiums

Alchemy is a medieval pseudoscientific forerunner of both the scientific method and chemistry that was based upon subjective criteria and fallacious assumptions.

In Sovereign Nations' Alchemy Symposium series, we will explore the fallacious and subjective policies and demands for immediate change that will be growing out of the Covid 19 crisis.

In the coming weeks we will explore the practice and goals of Alchemy in economics, healthcare, criminal justice, national policy, global politics, the climate, faith, and many others.

Hosted by Michael O'Fallon

Founder of Sovereign Nations

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Hosted by Michael O'Fallon

Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

Episode 1: The Alchemy of Health Equity

Featuring Dr. James Lindsay

Health equity is, obviously, the application of “equity” to systems of health and healthcare. As with other governmentally controlled “top-down” movements, health equity relies heavily on the systems normally associated with “social justice” to regulate and disseminate care. Join Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay for this instructive discussion.

More episodes coming soon…


Dr. James Lindsay

Co-Founder, New Discourses

Dr. Peter Boghossian

Professor, Portland State University

James White

Christian Apologist, Alpha & Omega Ministries

Alan Keyes

Former Ambassador, Presidential Candidate

Michael O'Fallon

Founder, Sovereign Nations

Tom Ascol

Josh Buice

Founder, G3 Conference